Do You Laugh Enough?

Living From the Super-consciousness
"Do You Laugh Enough? "

I personally like to laugh and I like to laugh a lot.  I find many things very funny even though others don’t always see the humor in it.  I seek out movies and tv shows that make me laugh; especially before going to sleep.  

I look for humor and silliness in situations that I used to take very seriously.  Even through tears and grief at my mother’s funeral, I had many moments to laugh, especially at some people’s discomfort.  So many people take life so seriously that I find I have to laugh at them.  Uncomfortable situations are rife with opportunities to find funny.  

Death is riddled with humorous moments.  Sickness can be healed with humor and laughter.  Inharmony can be brought to connection with joined laughter.  Prosperity can be increased by seeing the humor of how seriously some take their money.  

Most of all, I had to learn to not take myself seriously.  Sometimes that can be difficult because I think my indignation over something has value.  Indignation cannot have more value than joy.  

Many years ago I was in a relationship with someone who really negated petty upset.  His response to many in an outburst was often, “Don’t be a baby, Shawn.”  I would laugh at that statement.  In fact, I still laugh just thinking about it.  Some people feel like their pain is being negated when they are spoken to like that.  I felt that I was being guided to freedom.  At that point in life, my pain was seen sufficiently and I need the God in me seen more.  I needed Life seen in me more than my past pain.  “Don’t be a baby, Shawn,” woke me up to seeing Light in life that I had been ignoring.  I wasn’t being negated with that statement; I was being loved.  

This may hurt some people’s feelings, but he wasn’t interested in my pain.  He knew it was there, but he was more interested in having fun with me and seeing me laugh.  Laughter heals a lot and he had a great laugh.  So much so that I sought ways to make him laugh even in his deathbed last year.

David has a great laugh, I look for ways to make him laugh.  The walls fill with joy when we laugh.

I’ll give one last example here; Years ago I was about to walk my dogs (back in my NYC days) and the leash tightened on one and it knocked over a glass of water on a wooden table.  In my childhood, that was one of the worst things that could happen.  I saw myself getting upset and suddenly I changed my story and I said, “Oh good, I was hoping that would happen.”  I laughed at that.  It was just me and the dogs there and I laughed at the silliness of worrying so much over spilled water and that I could suddenly say, “Oh good, I was hoping that would happen.”  I don’t think anyone is hoping to knock over a glass of water, but I found out that day that it didn’t matter and I could laugh my way through a new thought about it.

Let’s find out how we can laugh through things that really don’t matter and our upset could really stomp on the joy that is available.  

Don’t be a baby.  Be a beloved child of God.

Thank you to my friend Richard who taught me that.    
All the Best for Today,
Rev. Shawn