Hello Unity Friends and Family,

Are your thoughts creating a bigger life or are you staying small?  Each of us has a different idea of what bigger is, but are you living up to your understanding of it?
Are you bigger in your dreams?

Are you bigger in how you react in your relationships?

Are you bigger in your work and play?

Are you bigger in your finances?

Are you bigger in your prayer and meditations?

Are you bigger in your forgiveness?

Each of us has a concept of seeing ourselves as bigger and some of us are fearful of rising up to that concept and seeing it played out.  One friend said that it was just too uncomfortable to move into that bigger space.  I said, “Do it anyhow.”  I say that to myself so I was certainly going to say that to him.  

David wrote a song called “Think Big”.  When you think big, you are big.  I think all of us could agree that God is big…the biggest…Big Itself!  We are made in the image and likeness of Big.  Let’s go ahead and affirm that for our thinking and our whole life experience.  THINK BIG!

In the Bigness of Love,