Believe It and Do It Whether You Feel It or Not

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“Believe It and Do It Whether You Feel It or Not”

Recently I have heard some folks say that they are not really feeling the season or this “God-stuff”, so they don’t want to bother to pray.  

One friend told me he’s not sure if he really believes in all of this.  I asked him if his day went better after we had prayed together two days before?  He said “Yes, but it was because you had been doing the praying, Shawn.”  

I thought back to some of my earlier days of healing and I remembered the times when I thought, “What’s the point?  Nothing changes anyway!”  And then I remembered that wasn’t true.  Every time I prayed, something shifted and I made better choices and decisions.  I was at least a little bit happier if not full-out joyful.  

What I learned from those early days is to do it anyway.  Meaning, do it whether I felt it or not.  I believe I can have a great healing and I don’t have to feel it.  Too often, in our pre-healing days, we settled for feelings and missed out on the healing.  Ask any compulsive shopper which is more important, feeling or healing? (Healing being: peace, debt-free, or solvent, and abundant.) In their compulsiveness they will choose feeling anytime.  When we act on feeling, we choose instant gratification.

The part that makes it hard is that some of us think that if we don’t go for the feeling, we will be and have nothing.  If we can instead, go to Spirit just for the sake of our connection with Spirit, we will have all that we need…and in truth, all that we want.

I encourage all of us to take time at the beginning of our day to pray…just for the KNOWING of our connection to the Source of our Good.  Do it whether you think you believe.  Do it whether you “feel” it or not.  DO IT NOW!  And then see the subtle and not-so-subtle shifts in your thinking and your day.

Here’s to a fantastic prayer life,