Are My Judgments Valid?

Hey Everybody,
"Are My Judgments Valid?”

Are my judgments valid?  Yes and no.  Do they hold any weight in Spirit?  No.  Do they hold weight with me and my friends?  Yes?  Do they ultimately matter?  No.  Will I still try to get them to matter?  Yes, until I don’t.

I grew up with people who thought their judgments were important.  Anybody?  These people didn’t know better, but I agreed with them and have tried to get my judgments to be important since I was a child.  It has hurt my feelings when people don’t agree with me or aren’t interested in what I think.  These days, I become grateful fairly quickly when my judgments are dismissed as not important.  I know that they almost never are.  Even what I have to say about God isn’t that important if no one interprets the message for themselves and becomes a practitioner.  That’s why I try to just share my experience, strength and hope more often than not.  There are fewer opinions in sharing our experience with a testimony.  “I did this and this happened.”  With that, people can judge for themselves.

So, perhaps we might want to consider or reconsider our proclamations about anything that doesn’t help us to know Spirit to a greater degree than we already do.  That’s just my thought on it.
Blessings Always,

Rev. Shawn