Am I Loved Now?

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
"Am I Loved Now?"

I sometimes catch myself testing life or God or…to see if I’m still loved.  “If I say this, will you still love me?”  “If I steal this, will you love me?”  “If I do this drug or eat this cookie or if I weigh this much or whatever, will you still love me?”   “Am I still loveable if I think these thoughts?” 

It’s like the “Can you hear me now?” guy.  “Am I loved now?  What about now?  And now, AM I LOVED NOW?”  “Am I loved over here?  What about here?”

My thought is, if I weren’t trying to get away with poor behaviors and poor thinking, it wouldn’t occur to me to even ask the question.  The Prodigal Son story tells us that we are both loved and loveable wherever we are.  I don’t know how likeable we are at any given moment, but we are definitely loved and loveable anywhere and all of the time.  

Let’s stop asking if we are loved and start affirming that we are so loved that we no longer have to test the Principle of Love.  Let us keep affirming Love as our Reality.  As we do that, we’ll start putting down old thoughts, substances (drugs, cigarettes, abusive alcohol, abusive food etc.) and start picking up joy, peace and satisfaction.  We’ll also start manifesting the life experiences that we have been longing for, and we’ll know what to do with them.  

Right now, if you want to ask, “Am I Loved?  Just know the answer is “YES!  YES! YES!”

In Love,

Rev. Shawn