Always Go Back to God in Your Thoughts

Hey Everybody,
"Always Go Back to God in Your Thoughts”

No matter how far astray we go in our thinking, we can always go back to conscious awareness of God with just one thought.  Even a thought of the absence of God can eventually lead to a thought of the Presence of God.  

It is essential that we keep our mind’s eye focused on God.  Not religion, but G-O-D.  All good can be accomplished when we remember our Source of all good.  

So, when stuff happens and you start to tell yourself a story about it, interrupt it with a thought of God.  “God is my help in every need.”  “Love, Love, Love!”  “God is my Source and my Supply.”  “Oh God!”  “The Christ in me is awake now.”  Find a God statement that resonates with you.  

Always, always, always turn your thoughts back to God.  Self-sufficiency never lasted for anyone.  Let’s all turn our thoughts to God together.
Glad to be in this with you,

Rev. Shawn