Advanced; Not So Much

Hey Everybody,
“Advanced; Not So Much”

There have been a couple of times now where I have been accused of being “advanced” in my spiritual thinking.  I have heard ministers say that the things we are studying are “advanced” studies.  There is no “advanced” spirituality.  There is either being aligned with God-mind or not aligned.  There is either remember our True identity or forgetting.  Remembering doesn’t make us more “advanced” than our brothers and sisters; it just makes way for greater peace and confidence.
Jesus and Buddha and so many other teachers were not more advanced than us.  They needed to practice what they practiced and teach what they taught for their own well-being.  They may have been very generous with their understanding but they were not more advanced than anyone.  Let’s learn that from their example.  Let’s us do what we need to do to make sane choices for our own and everyone’s well-being.  That way, we get to KNOW God from inside out and we are offering everyone else that opportunity as a result of our own experience.  

Let us look upward, not to hold anyone in the thought that they are more advanced than we, but look upward to hear the Divine Voice guide us in our own journey of awakening.

Here’s to Joy in the Journey,

Rev. Shawn