40 Shopping Days Till the Christ Is Born In Me Anew

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“40 Shopping Days Till the Christ Is Born In Me Anew”

Sunday’s talk was called “Here”.  I think it’s a good message because we are often thinking of “There”.  As a kid I couldn’t wait till Christmas, because once we got “there”, there would be good stuff.  The issue with that is that I was missing out on the good that was “here”.

I see that as a problem with a lot of religion, especially Christianity.  There is always a projection of a bright future where some sort of spiritual good will be awakened in me and then I’ll be “saved”.  With this thinking, rather than see myself as awakened by the Christ Presence within me here, now, I am putting it off till later.
There are a lot of possible reasons for this.  One could be that I don’t believe myself worthy to identify myself as a Christ being right now because of my past.  Another could be that I don’t want to identify myself as a Christ being because I have planned some unchristlike behaviors and I don’t want to interrupt them with moral thinking.  It could also be that I just don’t understand and I’m too lazy or fearful to get the understanding.  It could be these or any number of reasons.

 I am quite certain that affirming, “The Christ in me is awake now,” will not make me boring or lacking in any way.  

Let’s not put off our spiritual awakening till Christmas.  If we do, we’re not likely to enjoy a busy holiday with so many people around.  Let’s let today, here, now, be our first day of awakening and identifying as a Christ being.  Remember, “Christ” means anointing.  I like to think of my anointing as remembering.  With the Christ Consciousness awakened in me, I remember God and the Good that I am.  

First on my list today: “The Christ in me is awakened now!”

From the Christ in Me to the Christ in You,