“I Pray For Myself, Not For God”

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“I Pray For Myself, Not For God”

Prayer is not for the pleasing of God.  Prayer is for me to realize God in my consciousness.  I need a very active present consciousness of God in all of my thoughts, words and actions.  

Charles Fillmore defined prayer as “Conscious communion with God.”  I like to think of prayer as “Conscious communion with Love.”  Or “Conscious communion with what IS, rather than what is temporary.”

No matter what, I encourage all of us to realize that we are not praying or offering up platitudes to please an old person in the sky.  We are praying to align ourselves with Truth, Wisdom, Intelligence, Power, Presence and yes, Love.

Think on this before each time you pray.

Rev. Shawn